Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hydrangea Love

My Hydrangea garden

 Sigh....my hydrangea garden is perfect this year. It figures...I finally get it down to an art, and I'm moving. It's taken me almost 4 years to get the soil ph just right. That makes me sound like a farmer, right? Nah. All you do is throw some aluminum sulfate into the dirt, give them some water, and watch them turn blue. These are "Endless Summer Hydrangeas", and I enjoy their cuttings all summer long.

Hydrangeas + ironstone pitcher = LOVE.

 I really wish I could dig a few bushes up and transplant them in our new garden. Since have no idea where our new garden will be located, I don't think that will be possible. Plus, I am afraid digging them up could kill them.  

My Peonies
Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower. Coming in a very close second are Peonies...they were spectacular in my garden this year, too. Actually, everything in my garden this year has been gorgeous. My hostas look like they are on steroids! I think it is because we had a very mild winter here in southern Ohio.

Holy Hostas, Batman!

My Coneflowers
I have all sorts of visions for my landscaping at the new place, but I need to keep in mind the term"low maintenance". Right? Yeeeaaaaahhhhh. Whatever...I like to dream BIG.

What we have now...

What I want it to look like!

Or this! 

Or even this!
 But, it will probably look like this:

...at least for a few years. I will start my garden off small, until I can determine the amounts of sun/shade, and what kind of soil the property contains. Rumor has it that the property was once a turkey farm. Im not sure if turkey poop enriches the soil or not, but we shall see! A friend of ours asked if we would restore the farm and once again raise turkeys....Ummm, no. Turkeys are for my Thanksgiving dinner, stuffed with cornbread stuffing and served with a few sides of family fights green beans, yams & corn pudding- NOT for me to wrangle.

I will peck your eyes out!


  1. Beautiful shots of flowers. I love hydrangeas too as you just saw that. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks! Not bad for my iphone camera! You have a great weekend, too!

  2. Definitely have a lavender hedge, it looks nice but is wonderful to throw your bed linen over to dry...sweetly scented sheets, sunshine and lavender... just divine.

  3. Oh, yes!! There is nothing better than laundry dried outside! Having lavender planted nearby is a great idea! Thanks, Anne!! xoxo


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